Quick Tips to Help You Take Better Travel Photos

There is no denying that traveling the world can give you some amazing life experiences. Of course, it also allows for some pretty amazing photo taking opportunities. The challenge, however, is making sure that you look your absolute best in all of them to show off to your Instagram followers.

If you are lucky enough to be leaving for a travel adventure, below are some tips to help up your travel photo game.

Welcome to Blur Lake

When was the last time that you actually cleaned the lens of your camera? Not just given it a wipe on your shirt before you snapped a shot but actually cleaned it?

The first thing to do before taking any shot which will want to share is to clean your lens. A simple wipe with a small microfiber cloth is enough to remove any excess moisture or debris which could get in the way of you taking a great photo.

Can’t Stop? Then You Can’t Take a Photo

Unless you are traveling with a digital SLR camera which is designed to take action-shot style photos, your best bet is to wait until you are stationary before attempting to take a shot. Why? Because as good as phone cameras are, moving shots aren’t their forte.


Leading on from this tip, once you and your subjects are standing still, look around you and see if any better lighting conditions are on their way. For example, if the sun is about to shine through moving clouds or a truck is about to move and provide shade, then the photos you take will turn on considerably better.

While you won’t want to make everybody stand in place for 10 minutes, simply waiting 30 seconds can make the difference between a good photo and a great one!

What Are You Wearing?

It can be tempting to travel without any jewelry for fear of either losing it or it becoming damaged. And while can be true, if you take care of it along your journey then it can help to make you look better in photos. The Groupon Coupons page for Kay Jewelers is a great place to start your search for some new jewelry to match your destination and improve your style game.

The Right Products

There is no doubt that you have a plethora of products that you use during your morning and evening routine. And while these will work well for you at home, they may not be well suited to the climate you are traveling to. With this in mind, think about the weather conditions, such as any expected humidity or dry coldness, and the type of products you can use to minimize their effects.

For example, a lighter moisturizer for humid destinations is a great way to prevent your photos looking like you are glistening with sweat.

While you shouldn’t spend all of your travel time taking photos, it’s important that you snap a few good shots for your memory along the way, and these are some great tips which can help you look your best in them.