Checklist Of Island International locations

Where comfort is in every element and genuine Southern appeal is within the air. By affiliation with related however unrelated isle An Old English cognate was ealand “river-land, watered place, meadow by a river.” In place names, Old English ieg is usually used of “slightly raised dry ground offering settlement sites in areas surrounded by marsh or subject to flooding” Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names.

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1971: Charlotte Lewis – Born to Jeanette and David Lewis Charlotte and her mother left the Island hours before the Incident by way of the submarine She also died on the Island during the fourteenth time shift due to temporal displacement , caused by her earlier life on the Island as a child.

When Desmond removes the cork stone throughout the Coronary heart in ” The End “, temporarily extinguishing the light, the hole where the cork resided fills with the orange glow of “unseen molten activity,” 1 and your complete Island (including Hydra Island) begins to shake and disintegrate.

2 Island nations are extra susceptible to attack by giant, continental nations resulting from their size and dependence on sea and air traces of communication 3 Many island nations are additionally weak to predation by mercenaries and different overseas invaders, 4 though their isolation also makes them a difficult target.